Clothing & Accessories

Finding and putting on the right piece of clothing or a perfect accessory can make you feel so amazing!  It can be comfy, or sexy. Flashy or plain. Silly or simple.  You'll know it when you see it.  It can literally change your mood and make your day.  

I've found some wonderful, but little known, online stores that may be able to help you find that special something.  Bookmark this page and check back often as I will keep searching for special Clothing & Accessories sites to share with you.

ENERGETIX - Jewelry & Accessories

This is a line of absolutely stunning, quality jewelry.  There is something for everyone in your family at Energetix! I have a few beautiful pieces that I cherish.  

Not only is this jewelry beautiful, but Energetix also incorporates the power of magnetics into their jewelry. 

Take a look at all of the wonderful products they have to offer HERE. 

SHOLDIT - Scarves, Sarongs, Etc.

These products have such an amazing design!  Functional yet beautiful! You REALLY have to see them to see how very cool they are!  There are convertible nursing scarves, infinity scarves with hidden pockets, neck gaiters with a hidden pocket and so much more!!  TAKE A PEEK!


I hope you enjoy the Clothing and Accessories options I've found for you!  And I hope you find something that makes you feel amazing and excited!  

Please check back often as I will add great new products as I come across them! 
Be sure to also check out my Beauty & Cosmetics page to complete your great new look!