Super Healthy Tea Bombs

What do you do when you lose your taste for coffee and you find most teas are lacking in flavor?  You come up with Super Healthy Tea Bombs, that's what! 

Super Healthy Tea Bombs

This is a very lemony tea that's packed with a healthy punch!  Just drop one frozen cube into your mug, add boiling water and voila!  For added goodness, I like to save and add some pulp which makes the drink cloudy (as in the picture below), otherwise it's more of a clear tea.  As not everyone likes pulp, this recipe gives you the choice to control how much pulp ends up in your tea. 

Here's the recipe, in a printable and savable version.  Don't be afraid to play around with the ingredients a little to suit your taste.  

Super Healthy Tea Bombs - tammishomeonline

The below picture has some added pulp in it - if you don't like pulp, just be sure to strain it well, such as through a cheesecloth. 

Super Healthy Tea Bombs

If you're looking for a good turmeric to use - I highly recommend Epicure's Ground Turmeric. 

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