Affiliate Disclosures

In accordance with the FTC and in being an honest person, this is my Affiliate Disclosers page. I will always work to follow the laws of the land. I'm pretty excited to be part of a program and culture of Work-From-Home affiliate marketers. 

It's pretty safe to assume that anything I represent excites me in one way or another.  I proud to bring these products to you. But I would also like to disclose that I am  being compensated for sharing some of these products. Either in marketing and traffic or even commissions, discounts or other compensation. 

At the same time I also share many links without expectation of any sort of compensation, simply because they are websites, products and people I want to support. 

What are affiliate links?

Any and all purchases that are made on the external website of my clients or partners.

When a reader clicks on a link to one of the amazing affiliates I've found, they are then sent to the client's site.  Prices are exactly the same for you whether or not you purchase through my affiliate link.  You won't pay more by clicking my link. In many cases you are saving money by using my links to get discount and other offer codes.  

I love being able to share these types of products with you, and the frosting on the cake is that I also gain from it. Sometimes it's free samples, discounts or income that allows me to be able to spend time doing this for you. 

While I try to briefly yet accurately summarize each external site I link to, the online world is ever changing and full of fine print, so it's best to go directly to each site to read item descriptions and terms for up-to-date info on the products on these sites.