Tammi's Healthier Iced Cappuccino

Who doesn't love an Iced Cappuccino on a hot day?!  I know I sure do!  But the ones bought from your favorite coffee place are loaded with sugar and who knows what else!  

My solution?  I created a "healthier" Iced Cappuccino recipe using my favorite smoothie mix! 


Tammi's "Healthier" Iced Cappuccino

My husband and I did a little video that shows you how I made this healthier version of an Iced Cappuccino with my brand new Ninja Professional Plus blender with Auto-IQ.  As you'll see in the video I picked up my new blender on sale at Costco, but if you don't have a Costco nearby, or if your Costco doesn't carry this blender, you can find it HERE on Amazon. 

I absolutely love my Ninja!  This is not my first Ninja blender though - my old one's blades were getting pretty dull and with the cost of a replacement blade vs the cost of a brand new Ninja, buying a new one just made sense.  A warning though - I forgot how sharp the brand new blades are and promptly cut my finger washing the blade in the sink!  So be careful with it! 

Be sure to scroll past the video for a printable version of my recipe and a bit more info about what I used in it.  


In this video I didn't have enough milk so I substituted some Pineapple Coconut juice (also found at Costco) and I have to say it was amazing! 

Here's the printable/savable recipe in  PDF format: 

I buy the All Greens powder at Costco.  Check out how jam packed with wonderful ingredients it is! 
















If you aren't able to pick this up at a Costco, here's a link to it on Amazon: ALL GREENS SUPERFOOD SMOOTHIE MIX.

Another tricky item to find is the Decaf Espresso powder.  I've only found it at one store so far and that store is Independent Foods here in Alberta.  If you can't find it in your local store, here's a LINK TO IT.

Let me know if you have any questions by posting a comment below, and please feel free to share what ingredient combos you love the most! 

~ Tammi

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