Lavender Australorp Chickens

After our mink incident, we found ourselves wanting to rebuild our little flock.  A friend suggested I start with a pair of Lavender Australorps.  Australorps are a large breed, and some research quickly confirmed that they can be protective with good predator awareness.  My friend felt a Lavender Australorp rooster would be able to hold his own against a predator like a mink.  

Enter this beautiful pair.... meet Freedom and Libby.  And as it turns out, "lavender" is one of the rarer colors of Australorp chickens. 

 Lavender Australorps

Freedom is definitely the biggest rooster I've ever had.  When he jumps down from his roost and lands on the ground it reminds me of Thor's Hammer Drop!


Freedom is a gentle fellow, but you can tell he's also very watchful.  And he takes his job of cock-a-doodle-do-ing very seriously!


@tammirohatyn Lavender Australorp Rooster Crowing - Cock A Doodle Doo - #chickens #lavenderaustralorp #australorp #alberta #rooster #cockadoodledoo ♬ original sound - Tammi Rohatyn


Libby, on the other hand, takes treats very seriously.  She is always very curious about what I've brought with me and will look pretty annoyed if I don't have any treats with me!

It didn't take long for Libby to start laying eggs, which she very devotedly sat on. She wouldn't even look my way when I'd go into the coop with treats.  Before we knew it we had chicks hatching! 

Libby is such a devoted Momma Hen - she is never far from her chicks.  She's very watchful and teaches them all they need to know.



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