Fort Edmonton Fundraiser - 2023

Be sure to check out this year's Fort Edmonton Fall For The Fort Online Auction! The auction ends September 12th, 2023. 

Check out the auction HERE

Among other great items, you'll find the gift basket I've donated.  This gift basket contains of: 

- a metal tub with handles
- Axio (1 month supply)
- Oggi Water Bottle
- Jade Roller
- TrueScience Invigorating Shampoo
- TrueScience Nourishing Conditioner
- TrueScience Hand Cream
- Two soy hand-poured candles from KX Candles: Flowerbed scent and
Market peach scent
- Fall-themed Mug
- Back Scrubber
- Loofa
- Lindt Chocolates
- Two Custom Retro Fort Edmonton Foundation Marble Coasters

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