Have you ever thought about owning a "Still"?

I have!  And no, I don't plan on becoming a moonshiner! 

Not only can you use a still to make whiskey, wine, brandy, rum, tequila and vodka, but you can also use one to distill water and make essential oils!  The last one is what really intrigues me! 

I'm ordering my still today - I haven't quite decided which one I'm going with yet as there are many options!  I'm ordering from Vevor as I've seen them highly recommended as being a great beginner still in various prepping and cooking groups. Take a peek and see what they have to offer by clicking here:  VEVOR

Stay tuned as I will post info about using one as I go! I think the first thing I'll try is a peony essential oil! 

As for using stills for purposes other than essential oils and water, please be sure to know the rules where you live.

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